Giyi employs a holistic approach to sustainability as it provides a realistic foundation for the brand's journey while driving a nonstop motivation for improvement. This journal-like report that includes the 2 very first years of Giyi enabled us to see the overall impact we have had so far. Take a closer look at our journey, behind the scenes of our 2 collections, our suppliers, team and overall impact we created so far together with our goals.


The Story of Giyi and Giyi Kind of World

Have a look at the very start of the journey here. This is where the idea was born and created by Giyi’s founder Goknil and the reflection of her vision that set the foundations for the brand’s essence.

Following The Trace of Giyi World

Explore the design approach, materials, people and supply chain behind Giyi’s two collections together with our approach to circularity and impact we achieved so far.

What Lies Ahead for Giyi

Sustainability is a living concept that requires constant improvement, Giyi strives to monitor its overall process without giving up on hope and envisions better practices. Discover our goals.