We are a women-led clothing line that is passionate about creating stylish, sustainable, and empowering apparel. Our collection is enriched with female creativity and designed to support conscious consumption. We use biodegradable materials instead of petroleum derivatives, and work with women's cooperatives to ensure responsible production and fair working conditions. With our cyclical design approach, we turn production waste fabrics into accessories, giving our clothes a second life. We believe that fashion can be a force for good, and we hope that our garments will help you feel confident, comfortable, and stylish as you embrace the life you want.


    We are committed to using biodegradable materials, working with women's cooperatives, and adopting a cyclical design approach that reduces waste and helps extend the life of your garments.

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    We carry out our production process in cooperation with women's cooperatives. In this way, we not only realize cyclical production with women's labor, but also contribute to the participation of women in the economy and ensure the continuity of the crafts.

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    Giyi uses long-lasting and durable materials and offers the opportunity to get a few pieces from a dress by stylising a single dress differently , aiming to contribute to your capsule wardrobe creation process.

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