We are the creators of our life. Every day, we make new decisions that pave new paths. Giyi, is a new path for me in which I can create, share, learn and play in.

I was raised by strong artisan women who created not only their own clothing, but also created a house full of passion for life, grace, sharing and respect. These core values have been my guide along the way. With a background in Economics and Management, I had corporate experience in business development, audit, finance, mostly analytical roles but I was always passionate about the human and innovative aspects of my work..

I gave a career break to spend time with my kids. It didn’t take long before I started YenidenBiz, a platform to support women during their comeback into the workforce after a time-off. It was during this period that I understood the importance of self-assurance and courage as two qualities all educated and experienced women needed to have in order to persevere in the professional world. Every woman is of more use to herself, her family and her country when she is able to create and work without compromising her unique essence and individuality. This social entrepreneurship experience along with my need and passion for slow and sustainable fashion encouraged me to start my new project. My vision was a powerful woman; one who stands for herself and her values, one who creates her own unique style, who champions responsible consumption, good quality clothing, values natural fabrics, cares about the story and social impact of her clothes and a woman who owns a long lasting and timeless wardrobe.

This vision became the path leading to Giyi; I hope we can explore and walk this path together.