We believe in creating a collection composed of a limited number of pieces that defies time and manufactured in a slow model embracing care for nature and people at every step.

In Giyi’s ‘one collection per year’ philosophy, each collection is shaped with the values that we hold close to our heart. We trace comfortable, chic and versatile design. During the production process, our goal again is to add value to women’s artisanship and effort. Under the principle of upcycling, we re-purpose each piece of fabric that was considered waste. We play around fabrics and colors for both Warm & Cold Weather Edits.

Inspired by the infinite circle Giyi dots, each designing process of the collections of Giyi, we dream of a foundational inner strength together with elegance, mindfulness and becoming an inseparable part of the universe.

Giyi collections embody freedom. Freedom in thoughts, feelings and choices. Giyi collections embody  joy and optimism. The joy of life, optimism towards a beautiful future. Care towards ourselves, the people we share our lives with, care towards our homes, our garden and our clothes.

Dresses, jumpsuits, jackets, kimonos tops and bottoms, intertwined, layering, simply elegant, eye-catching, serious or playful. Giyi pieces are ready for all possibilities.