A lot of people put a diligent effort into the making of a Giyi garment. Along with the design and the fibres used, an ethical and fair manufacturing process that is transparent and traceable, is fundamental for Giyi.

At Giyi, there are core values each of us is committed strongly to. These are:
  • Trust and respect,
  • Producing collaboratively and learning,
  • Providing value and sharing it,
  • Deriving inspiration from positivity,
  • Being innovative, open-minded and expressing our ideas independently.
    When the designing process of Giyi Collection 2 was finished with the help of our beloved friend Elif, each garment pattern was created by Selma hanım. Giyihood community is familiar with our very own Adnan usta. He sews each Giyi with love and care. Our accessories are made by talented artisan women of Ilkadim Women’s Cooperative atelier. Lastly, Nuray hanım decorates each Giyi piece with our renown Giyi dot embroideries.

    The fair wage policy of Giyi is based on trust. The wages of all craftspeople that work in the making of Giyi products are calculated in accordance with the time spent and depend on mutual declarations.


    Showcasing our atelier and entire manufacturing process transparently to our customers is very important for us.

    We try our best in sharing all types of fabrics, our suppliers and the manufacturing stages in detail with all Giyihood community. 

    The certificates earned by our suppliers as a proof of their sustainability practices are crucial for the traceability and reliability of our business.  
    Slow manufacturing model is not only a necessity but also a way for efficient use of resources. We plan our manufacturing program to produce in limited amounts for avoiding unnecessary stock.

    Apart from the manufacturing process, digital communication and marketing efforts are all managed simultaneously. Batuhan is the master of this website and he is responsible from the e-commerce platform as well as digital marketing of our collection. Ahu, Alara, Hande Ö. and Hande K. are the word and visual wizards of Giyi. They are behind the wheels of our communication strategy and they handle all visuals of our social media platforms.

    We work diligently everyday to improve our supply chain process together with our transparency and traceability practices.